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Results of the current law Here are some of the results of the law passed by lobbyists and not announced beforehand in any translator association newsletter
Lobbyists are not tested That's right. The law lobbyists claim was intended to test folks--to determine if they are competent to interpret in court--does not apply to the lobbyists. Instead, newcomers have to pay lobbyists to lecture them for continuing extortion credits--before getting a government work permit.
Here is a sample of the command of English grammar and syntax of a lobbyist who is licensed and grandfathered, AND appointed to the board charged with keeping people who do not know English from getting a license. Click to magnify the image. Note the false claim that licences are mandatory for every court interpreter. Most counties do not require one at all, and in all others, the requirement is created on the formal motion of a stakeholder. Corporate middlemen have known this from the outset.
The point of the law: a captive audience forced to pay Here is an image of the feeding frenzy which followed abandonment of testing for people licensed through grandfathering. A captive audience forced to pay so lobbyists can talk down to their humiliated victims. Click for a pdf image.
Letter to TDLR Here is a 2006 letter to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation on the deceptive tactics used in passing the law, and its evil effects.
Another grandfathered licensee Read about the work of another grandfathered licensee who sees nothing wrong with never being tested.
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