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This just in... Lobbyists and their dupes often rely on hand-wringing lamentations about how they are "afraid" someone incapable of interpreting in court will somehow fool the judge, witnesses and lawyers--but not the diploma mills or bureaucrats accepting bribes in exchange for a work permit.
Eighty years ago incompetent interpreters were tossed out of courtrooms. Today they seek to hide behind bureaucratic protection rackets and "grandfathering" privileges.

          Here is a clipping from the Los Angeles Examiner, November 1929, describing how Mexican consular officials intervened and a local court “linguist” was exposed as less than competent:

          In its current form, the Texas court interpreter licensing law is a diplomatic liability in that it shields “grandfathered” licensees from examination and involves foreign nationals whose very real rights are legally protected by international treaties which take precedence over "anything in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the contrary notwithstanding." 

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