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Glossary A glossary of terms to help you better understand law and government
Practical examples A lobby group calling itself The National Health Law Program, NHeLP, has published internally inconsistent "principles..."
Repeal Continuous Extortion See the results of the Texas court interpreter licensing law and add your clippings.
Payment Practices This is a service offered by Ted Wozniak, who translates German down near Harlingen. It lets linguists decide whether to extend credit, charge in advance or what proportion to accept as earnest money or a retainer for an assignment.
Texas Declaration of Independence Texas was founded by folks who believed the proper function of government was the defense of their rights--not to become an instrument for their oppression. This ought to be required reading for the eternal enemies of civil liberty, the ever-ready minions of power, and the usual instruments of tyrants which, in this day and age, are the parasitical lobbyists and the opportunistic politicians they influence.
Take back your translators association The Freelance Party helps elect actual linguists to boards of directors dominated by lobbyists and middlemen.
Brazilian Translators Association The steering committee screens members, and we are assembling an association website to benefit Brazilian Portuguese translators and interpreters in the U.S.
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