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Debunking the fraud Debates: I will publicly debate anyone who wants the political state to charge us bribes for the privilege of claiming to be "licensed" or "certified" (while grandfathered with no testing) and getting a government work permit in exchange --JHP
Ethics Is YOUR LOBBY something that conspires against freedom, yet claims insight into ethics? I will debate any of their champions on the subject. Ethics is a code of values to guide your choices and actions. The standard of value for a meaningful ethics code is life itself, for only living things face the alternative between life and death. That alternative is what gives rise for the need for such a code. Lying, for instance, to gull you into believing you must buy a license to work, is not ethical at all.
Rights Do YOUR LOBBY organizers have any interest in rights? A right is a moral claim to freedom of action. It is not an excuse to prey upon or coerce fellow human beings. Does this lobby seek to destroy the individual's right to work for a living? Why do they want you to be tested while they hide behind grandfathering exemptions?
Professional development Do YOUR LOBBY pundits believe that being forcibly impressed into the classrooms of diploma mills is professional development for interpreters? It is a subsidy for schoolmarms and diploma mills, and a cynical exploitation of the hopes and aspirations of a new and trusting generation of interpreters. Professional development is the cultivation of ability, of the capacity to do something right as opposed to wrong. The schoolmarm or diploma mill that needs coercion to gain you as a customer merits ridicule, or perhaps pity.
Further interests Do YOUR LOBBY leaders further the interests of interpreters or of professional politicians, bureaucrats, subsidized lecturers, middleman corporations and even more lobbyists?
Interaction Do YOUR LOBBY activists promote interaction between linguists or large middleman agencies and users of interpreter services, and between the purveyors of quickie courses, politicians and collectors of other mandatory fees and the victims they exploit. Does Coronel Sanders promote interaction among chickens?
The profession Do professions, rocks or swarms of locusts have interests? Only individual human beings have interests. Even when they band together to prey upon their neighbors, their individual interests are really their own. If their interests run to gaining more students or having power over more persons, or taking things that are not rightfully theirs, they are not advancing the interpreter's profession. They are parasites weighing down those who wish to embark upon the linguist's trade. Trust the person who offers value for value and lets you choose voluntarily.
Education resources To educate yourself about these philosophical issues:
-- Moral Rights and Political Freedom; Viable Values: A Study of Life as the Root and Reward of Morality; The Virtuous Egoist, all by Tara Smith, and A Treatise on Right and Wrong, by H.L. Mencken. For insights into language, The Structure of Language, by Petr Beckmann, and Becoming a Native Listener, an article by Janet Werker in American Scientist which later became a NOVA program.
: To understand how a majority of infiltrators on a board of directors can turn honest people into liars see Opinions and Social Pressure, by Solomon Asch, published in Scientific American and now findable online. To better understand how spurious values are used to place you at a disadvantage, see Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand. For an entertaining audio download of how politicians operate try H.L. Mencken's The Politician.
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