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Torture abetted by official government interpreters 77 years before ATA representatives pleaded with government officials to let "interrogation" interpreters wear ski masks, official government interpreters elsewhere were ethically bound to lie about torture.
In 1912, official Japanese court interpreters distorted testimony of Korean torture victims. This is from the actual physical copy of the Peking Daily News. High-resolution certified copies are available.
The letter is dated July 11, 1912, and the writer explains that "the witnesses' words were metamorphosed on the way to the judge's ears..." The judge, fearing to offend the hearers' ears with harsh words, replaced "torture" with "scold"...
This is what happens when court interpreters have to concern themselves with keeping their government work permits, rather than seeing that the individual rights of the defendants are not violated through biased interpretation.
That was then and this is now? Read about how coercive licensing lobbies are active in Japan today. Search: "Trial Interpreters Urge Certification"
Japan Times (Japan) (02/14/09) Kamiya, Setsuko
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