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Click to hear TDLR lawyers explain that an interpreter license is only required in special circumstances.

The complete TDLR audio for 02/08/2008 opens in RealPlayer with nearly 20 minutes of Muzak before the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation Advisory Board meeting. Extra: unethical conspiracy at collusion in restraint of trade involving District Court judges in Austin.
January 2011 When even the looters can see that the government schools cartel is failing, you expect a migration of bureauoc-rats into the licensing and diploma mills racket... Here's a sample from a propaganda movie, The Cartel...
December 2010 An instructional video questioning the validity of coercion disguised as beneficence. George ought to help. Happy new year.
October 2010 Your vote can be worth ten times its weight in freedom. More... Ask Libby!
September 2010 The coercive lobby is circulating a video originally designed to frighten folks from letting their insurers ship them to India for treatment. Must doctors and Engineers be licensed? Hear a Texas engineer...
August 2010 A child-beater is the new poster child for Pacific Interpreters lobbyist and the Association of Translation Agencies. Image of release... To hear Jorge Ungo and the ATA tell it, Annie Ling did not get a 10-year sentence for beating a baby with a leather belt, but rather, because taxpayers did not hire her an interpreter. More...
May 2010 Must interpreters be parasites?
Postings by a corporate flunky reveal yet another gang of lobbyists--this one targeting medical interpreters. More...
Libertarian party in the UK!
October 2009 AATIA October 11, 2009 interpreter SIG meeting in Austin, verbatim quotes... After the unctuous diploma mill speaker warned the audience that people entering hospitals were in mortal danger at the hands of government-licensed medical personnel, his assistant boasted that she was: "Helping as much people in the Spanish community as we can." The same speaker (a teacher and supporter of coercive licensing) also admitted: "I hate reading books and stuff. I've never been one to like books." She did flatter the hostess no fewer than seven times.

The second presenter, the same Thomas C. Leon listed in the lobby roll, repeated a familiar lie, claiming with a straight face that the law requires every interpreter to be licensed before setting foot inside a courtroom. This from someone who was present when the short TDLR audio (linked above) was recorded. One hardly expects the truth from people whose sole aim in life is to take from others.
If lobbyists can stop interpreters from interpreting, they can stop translators from translating as well. The First Amendment once protected the freedom of speech, or of the press, or to petition the government--which is what court interpreters help people do. Anyone hauled into the dock is there under government duress. Their interpreters ought to be more committed to the defense of individual rights than to trampling their buddies to belly up to the government trough.
May 2009
List of coercive and noncoercive lobbyists
Cartoon just days after lobbyists destroyed the U.S. economy in 1929
While productive interpreters sweated over income tax forms April 15, lobbyists (see list) camped out at the statehouse to salvage their flyblown fraud and oppose even the slightest relief of taxpayers and citizens. Observe that nearly all in favor of SB1892 --an amendment to make the current interpreter licensing law less onerous-- are public officials charged with enforcing the grandfathered sinecures law passed secretly by venal lobbyists and pull-peddling politicians.
Another lobby bill: list of lobbyists The lobbyists backing the grandfathered sinecures racket are pushing for another law, HB233, to force people in need of medical treatment to pay taxes and bleed while lobbyists and their dupes block honest linguists from interpreting for them.
March 2009 Read about how eighty years ago the courts and county commissioners had ways of getting rid of impostors posing as court interpreters. More....
Results: See firsthand the results of Texas' court interpreter "licensing"
Government interpreters in torture coverup That's right, torture. But the judge was only told that the prisoner had been "scolded."  See actual photos...
US Senator sponsors gross mistranslation Would you believe a video of one of America's most powerful politicians being set straight by a Russian diplomat that her gummint-expert translation is WRONG? See it...
News... Anti-freedom lobbyists de-clawed
February 2009 Texas Department of Regulation and Licensing counsel made it absolutely clear a year ago that the law does NOT, repeat, NOT require all interpreters working in Texas state, municipal and county courts to pay fees and be licensed. TexasTranslator.com is a free service to help attorneys and court personnel locate interpreters willing to do court work. Most counties are exempt.
Lobbyists lie about Texas law It turns out the language in Sec. 5007.002 allows interpreters other than licensed court interpreters the right to work unless a motion for the appointment of a licensed court interpreter is made by a party or witness. This means that in almost all cases regular interpreters and federally certified court interpreters (99 & 44/100% Spanish) need not pay bribes nor waste time and money on diploma mill courses.
Some guideleines for conference interpreting Organized gangs of lobbyists struggling to use the violence of law to force their views on others push their agenda into conference interpreting as well.
1. Strength in numbers:
As in any sport or activity, incompetent interpreters and rookies tire quickly. Lobbyists, whose power relies on numbers of warm bodies, seek to pack any job opportunity with as many of their buddies as possible, much like the political "machines" of a century ago. The truth is that a subject-competent, experienced interpreter can work all day without even getting overly tired. Clients want results, not phone-booth stuffing or goldfish-swallowing. The sufficient number of qualified colleagues is quite often zero, if the idea is to provide the client with useful and accurate interpreting. In Los Angeles the market is so crowded with rubber-stamp "court" interpreters holding government work permits that conference interpreters often stipulate the exclusion of those pathetic victims of coercive intervention.
2. Fake credentials and references:
lobbyists persuade experts in one field to endorse allegations in another. ASTM is a society perfectly qualified to specify pipe thread pitch and fineness, but I doubt there are five people in the organization able to correctly translate a paragraph from one language to another--much less interpret. But just as paying the government a bribe "qualifies" lobbyists to replace actual interpreters in the municipal courts, so a formerly respected standards society is easily prostituted for the purposes of coercive meddling in a mixed economy. All it takes is pressure, perseverance, and a few schemers hawking pamphlets for $43 a pop ($3 a page). Ignore them.
3. Evil companions:
agencies of the sort that hire fake interpreters will try to bully you into working by the hour when the correct form is to charge by days or half-days. They will ask for credit as if they deserved it, and never point to their Payment Practices  scores. Finally they will tell you it is "ethical" to sign illegal market allocation agreements by calling them nondisclosure or confidentiality.
Solution: 1. Better to work alone than with dummies. 2. Ignore fake experts and officious lobbyists, and the politicians will soon follow your example. 3. Learn to write your own agreements, which is what makes an independent contractor independent.
Stay tuned We have a Google group online to warn interpreters of fresh conspiracies against our freedom. Join us.
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